Volume 1, number 1
Spring 1997

From Nancy W. Miller, President of the Society:

"Tis true, the World may wonder at my Confidence, how dare I put out a Book, especially in these censorious times; but why not please myself in the satisfaction of innocent desires? for a smile of neglect cannot dishearten me, no more can a Frowne of dislike affright me; not but I should be well pleased, and delight to have my Book commended." -- MC, Poems and Fancies, WWP transcription, vii.

How well pleased would Margaret Cavendish be to know that nearly 350 years after she wrote Poems and Fancies the "World" would be busy rediscovering her books as objects worthy of study and helping to build her coveted "Pyramid of Fame." A few short months ago, we formed the Margaret Cavendish Society in order to provide a vital forum for communication among those involved in Cavendish and related scholarship through the email discussion list MarCav, a yearly conference and meeting, and an Internet website, which is currently under construction. In addition, we've begun to talk about a number of possible projects, such as on-line editions of hard-to-access Cavendish texts. In the coming year, we'll be nurturing the infant Society towards a more mature stage of growth; this will require some unavoidable bureaucratic changes, notably the collection of (modest) dues from members, which will help make future conferences, meetings, projects, and mailings possible. Please join us, if you haven't already.

Welcome! Want to know what's happening in Cavendish Studies?

Join the MarCav-L discussion list. This lively and supportive discussion addresses all aspects of Margaret Cavendish's life and work. The list is also an important source of information about upcoming conferences and new publications in the field. To subscribe, email the listserver: [email protected]. Leave the Subject field blank. Type only the message: SUBSCRIBE MARCAV-L.

First International Conference & Annual General Meeting of the Margaret Cavendish Society.

Oxford University will host this first MCS conference Saturday & Sunday, 28-29 June 1997 at Oxford University. Papers will address MC's plays, letters, poems and philosophical works in connection with the political, scientific, professional, artistic, and familial contexts in which Cavendish wrote. For more information, contact Shirley Stacey, Hertford College, Oxford University, Oxford OX1 3BW, England. Email: [email protected]

Margaret Cavendish in Print. Looking for editions of Cavendish to use in the classroom? The Brown University Women Writers Project offers the following Cavendish texts in hard copy for a very reasonable price:

The WWP will even produce customized anthologies to your specifications including title page and table of contents: For pricing and information, visit the WWP webpage:

Forthcoming Cavendish editions:

New and Noteworthy Titles:

Teaching Materials Archive:

Please submit assignments, class activities, research projects -- anything you have used in teaching MC's work. Send contributions to Prof. Brandie Seigfried, English Dept., 3169 JKHB, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 84602. Email: [email protected]

Margaret Cavendish Society Board:

President: Nancy W. Miller

Vice President: Brandie Siegfried

Secretary: Cecile Jagodzinski

Treasurer: Carol Breakstone

U.K. Liaison: Shirley Stacey

List Manager: Jim Fitzmaurice

Webmaster: Lisa Blansett

Newsletter: Deborah Burks

Members-at-Large: Anna Battigelli, Sophia Blaydes, Elizabeth Hageman, Rebecca Merrens, John Norman, Emma Rees, John Rogers, Anne Shaver, Gweno Williams, Susanne Woods

To join the Margaret Cavendish Society, contact

Cecile M. Jagodzinski, MCS Secretary, Illinois State University, Milner Library, Campus Box 8900, Normal, IL 61790-8900. Just send a message with your name, address, institutional affiliation, phone/fax numbers, and email address.