THEME: Mediterranean and cross-cultural influences upon Cavendish's writings
The theme may include topics such as:
- Cross-cultural influences in relation to trade, art, literature, piracy and captivity
- Classical (Greco-Roman) identities, philosophy, literature, art and culture
- International conversations in science and philosophy including botany, animal husbandry, general agriculture, mathematics, etc.


The Program Committee has voted to extend the deadline for abstracts for Cavendish in Cyprus to 31 March 2015.
More details on our Facebook page here and you may also follow us on Twitter here.


HOST: Centre for Visual Arts and Research (CVAR) with the support of the Cornaro Institute,
Cyprus College of Art

VENUE: Nicosia Museum
(Centre for Visual Arts and Research), Cyprus

Abstracts to:
Lisa Walters: [email protected]
Sara Mendelson: [email protected]
Brandie Siegfried: [email protected]
Jim Fitzmaurice: [email protected]
Alexandra G. Bennett: [email protected]

The committee, which is as listed, will read abstracts as they appear. We have been able to make decisions reasonably quickly so far.

Early modernists and modernists from all disciplines (e.g. art history, social history, history of science, literature, ecofeminism, political theory etc) are invited to submit proposals for papers related to the theme of the conference.

PAPER PROPOSALS: 20-minute papers are invited on topics related directly or indirectly to the theme of the conference.

ABSTRACTS of 150 to 200 words should be emailed to the conference organizers.

Conferences Organizers:
Lisa Walters: Email
Sara Mendelson: Email
Brandie Siegfried: Email
Jim Fitzmaurice: Email
Alexandra G. Bennett: Email

QUERIES: about the conference or about the Margaret Cavendish Society should be directed to: Sara Mendelson or Brandie Siegfried

You can find more up-to-date information about some Cavendish resources on the Margaret Cavendish Society Facebook page here, managed by Professor James Fitzmaurice.

Past Cavendish Conferences and Past Sessions in Other Conferences

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2013 Tenth Biennial Margaret Cavendish Conference, Utah, USA, July 2013

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2012 Two Cavendish Sessions at RSA, Washington, D.C., March, 2012

2011 Ninth Biennial Margaret Cavendish Conference, Ghent and Antwerp, Belgium (Delegate e-mail list Details)

2009 Margaret Cavendish Society Conference, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Organizers: Lisa Sarasohn, Jim Fitzmaurice, Sara Mendelson & Brandie Siegfried

2007 Margaret Cavendish Society Conference, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Organizers: Lisa Sarasohn, Jim Fitzmaurice, Sara Mendelson and Brandie Siegfried

2005 Margaret Cavendish Society Conference, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Organizers: Sara Mendelson & Mary O'Connor

2003 MLA Margaret Cavendish Society panel, San Diego, California, USA
Organizer: James Fitzmaurice

2003 Margaret Cavendish Society Conference, Chester, United Kingdom
Organizers: Emma Rees & Gweno Williams

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  • Announcement
  • Program (PDF file)

2001 Margaret Cavendish Conference, Massachusetts, USA
Organizers: Susanne Woods & Anne Shaver

2000 MLA Cavendish panel, Washington DC, USA
Organizers: Suzanne Araas Vesely & James Fitzmaurice

1999 Margaret Cavendish Conference, Paris, France
Organizer: Line Cottegnies

1998 MLA Margaret Cavendish panel, San Francisco, USA
Organizer: Nancy S. Weitz

1997 Margaret Cavendish Conference, Oxford, United Kingdom
Organizer: Shirley Stacy

1996 Margaret Cavendish Conference, Norwich, United Kingdom
Organizer: Emma L. E. Rees

1995 Margaret Cavendish Colloquium, London, United Kingdom
Organizer: Stephen Clucas